Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is It working Lord? From a Mom's heart to Yours

Is It Working Lord?  

I don’t know how many times I have asked that question as a parent.  As our kids grow and develop spiritually, emotionally and physically I often look back and wonder what stuck and what didn't  and what am I doing now that they will remember?  Would I do things differently or perhaps the same?  Then as if in a blink of an eye just when I think I can’t change one more diaper and clean up one more spilled cup of juice they are walking around with their own phones and planning things without me?  Lord where did time go? Did I do enough where I can trust them to do what they are supposed to without me? Do I trust YOU enough Lord to take them on this journey without me holding their hand?  Did I sow enough good seeds and will they only remember the time I completely lost it!!  Oh no!! I didn't have them in AWANA because it was the wrong night! 
Those are the questions amongst others that come to my heart in a moment of panic, worry and sometimes guilt that I may have not done enough or done things the way I should have.    Maybe you have that fear too, or feel like you have to cross every box off on the parental checklist to make sure your child turns out the way you dream. 

The great news is that God has bigger plans than we can imagine!  He knows your child better than you do and LOVES your child more than you do!! (What??)  When I take my guilt captive and wrestle with the world’s “acceptable” list I find so much more peace in my parenting.  As moms, our first and most important thing we can do for our children is to Love the Lord deeply and walk showing His light.  This is not always easy when issues come up and I am frustrated or disappointed, but I found I handle those situations much better when I've had time with God prior to the mess.   I had a mental shift a while ago in my home with my “mini adults” and thought… “what if I was living with 3 non-believers, who didn't have faith of their own, who were baby Christians or were new in their walk?  How, or would, I have behaved differently?”  Honestly, in some of my situations I had to answer “yes I would have behaved differently.”  Our children are watching us and how we conduct ourselves as “Christian Women”, we are the first Christian they see every morning and before bed every night. WOW!    

So the question is it working? Well I know God is working that’s for sure.  Regardless of my mistakes as a mom, He still has their best interested in mind and we are just part of His plan to draw them closer to Him and be who HE created them to be.  Ah that’s so comforting and freeing!! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Worked!

Meat of any kind and me have a love hate relationship.  I love eating it (some of it) but hate touching it.  If it looks like it's going to walk off the plate at any moment then forget it! The consistency has to show no signs of sliminess either. 

The Neck
This Thanksgiving I decided to host the family.  Planning the menu is always kind of fun, finding new things online to try.  The decorating comes together fairly easily but the fear comes wondering if the food will actually turn out.  I don't consider myself a great cook and have been known to cook on high but on the percentage I think if I following the recipe things turn out. 

Two nights before as I saw the bird in the fridge I had only one thing on my mind and that was knowing in a day I'd be having to reach in for that neck they stuff in there and the bag, which really touching the raw carcass on the outside is one thing and pretty nasty feeling, but digging in the cavity is beyond what I like to do.  I was not raised on a farm thank goodness!!  So there he was.. found the neck which my boys immediately thought was super cool and figure since the bag of "innards" or giblets as some call it was not in there, they must have forgot to stuff it back into our bird.. oh well! That was until I posted that on Facebook and my friend said "NO it's on the other end!" oh great.
Knowing this could get very interesting, my husband grabbed the video camera.

Well that was disgusting. 
Now the rest of the menu had to accommodate 2 gluten free guests which thankfully there are so many recipes out there.
Mashed Potatoes From the Pioneer Woman Cookbook - 4 stars!!
Kittencal's Creamy Broccoli Bake - again 4 stars!!! (
Bread and Celery Stuffing from All   3 Stars!!
(we cooked it outside the bird so it was on the dry side but the bird was very very tender)
Mom brought her homemade biscuits and fruit Salad
Mom-in-law brought pumpkin pies and Deviled Eggs
Aunt Erin Brought Amazing Homemade Clam Chowder!
the Turkey was soaked in a Brine from Martha Stewart overnight and was delicious!!!!
Dinner Success!!!!!
The Table
I love pretty things and centerpieces.  Love Candlelight and being able to cut live branches from outside and use them for free as a bouquet.  With 11 people around a table I knew I didn't have a big enough tablecloth and or table for that matter, and I always remember being the unlucky one as an adult at the "kid table" so I wanted everyone to feel part of the main table.  While at the fabric store and seeing how expensive it would be to cover the tables I had an idea pop on my head of inexpensive Burlap which I've seen all over the web used in various ways.   I also bought a half yard of two different kinds of fabric to create a runner.  The best idea thankfully came when I thought I should just buy a cheap black sheet to cover my table, which was only $11
So when it came to decorating it and tying the two together it was easy to interchange colors between the tables making them feel like they go together. 
The other centerpiece items were things I had around the house or in the garage unused and a few branches from the yard and of course candles made for my favorite part of the meal and a cozy atmosphere.   I also bought a few yards of ribbon for a grand total of about $20 for the table decor which was FAR less money than some of those pre-made arrangements.

The Family Together...Thankful