Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is It working Lord? From a Mom's heart to Yours

Is It Working Lord?  

I don’t know how many times I have asked that question as a parent.  As our kids grow and develop spiritually, emotionally and physically I often look back and wonder what stuck and what didn't  and what am I doing now that they will remember?  Would I do things differently or perhaps the same?  Then as if in a blink of an eye just when I think I can’t change one more diaper and clean up one more spilled cup of juice they are walking around with their own phones and planning things without me?  Lord where did time go? Did I do enough where I can trust them to do what they are supposed to without me? Do I trust YOU enough Lord to take them on this journey without me holding their hand?  Did I sow enough good seeds and will they only remember the time I completely lost it!!  Oh no!! I didn't have them in AWANA because it was the wrong night! 
Those are the questions amongst others that come to my heart in a moment of panic, worry and sometimes guilt that I may have not done enough or done things the way I should have.    Maybe you have that fear too, or feel like you have to cross every box off on the parental checklist to make sure your child turns out the way you dream. 

The great news is that God has bigger plans than we can imagine!  He knows your child better than you do and LOVES your child more than you do!! (What??)  When I take my guilt captive and wrestle with the world’s “acceptable” list I find so much more peace in my parenting.  As moms, our first and most important thing we can do for our children is to Love the Lord deeply and walk showing His light.  This is not always easy when issues come up and I am frustrated or disappointed, but I found I handle those situations much better when I've had time with God prior to the mess.   I had a mental shift a while ago in my home with my “mini adults” and thought… “what if I was living with 3 non-believers, who didn't have faith of their own, who were baby Christians or were new in their walk?  How, or would, I have behaved differently?”  Honestly, in some of my situations I had to answer “yes I would have behaved differently.”  Our children are watching us and how we conduct ourselves as “Christian Women”, we are the first Christian they see every morning and before bed every night. WOW!    

So the question is it working? Well I know God is working that’s for sure.  Regardless of my mistakes as a mom, He still has their best interested in mind and we are just part of His plan to draw them closer to Him and be who HE created them to be.  Ah that’s so comforting and freeing!! 


  1. So true! Thanks for sharing!! By the way, Halli doesn't do AWANA's. She hated it! But so far, Hope is loving it. We'll see how long it lasts. :)

    1. funny, I think it depends on the child. It is such a great program for so many.. when she was little on our way to AWANA with no memory verse memorized and the guilt coming.. she said .. why do we have to always be going somewhere?? URRRTTT U-turn... we don't, let's go home. :)

  2. Melissa BerndtNovember 28, 2012

    Thanks so much for sharing this Courtney!!!

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