Wednesday, December 26, 2012

When Advent Dinner Busts! Night #1

When Advent Dinner Busts Night #1 

This is a call to all young parents out there, if you are going to do Christmas traditions with your children, start young or they’ll think you have gone mad.   Take Advent for example.   Although we shared the Christmas story and did fun things over the years for Christmas, we never have done anything the same one year after another and probably still won’t because I couldn't even pull off 4 weeks in a row for Advent celebration.    After hearing a how one family in our church does Advent I thought well the Spears can do that!!  The announcement is made that things will look different this year, less presents, more focus.   Two of the three offspring are up for the new Christmas look, one however did that weird thing with the eyes where they look inside the brain and then huff and then say “really..why?”.

Night 1:  Table is prepared, dinner is made, candles are lit, mom and two kids are happy and excited, teen is still asking why are we doing this and how long will this take?   Clock ticks.. dinner is ready but no Dad.   I call the office and hear on the other end “oh NO! I totally forgot”, my Christmas emotions are in check and while I’m singing “joy to the world” in my head I sweetly say.. “oh that’s ok I know this is something new so we’ll do the reading at dessert”.    Kids and I eat candlelight dinner, all while curbing the bad attitude in the corner by the one who would rather be texting and is still asking how long this reading will take.   We have 4 weeks of this??   

Dessert:  Yay! he’s home, we are ready! “ok everyone.. back to the table for Advent reading and dessert!”  this is going to be wonderful I'm thinking.    Then what do I hear from the right side of the table?? “that’s my seat, “no I’m sitting there.. move”, “but you sat there last night”, “but…   OK OK stop gee wiz you guys act like you're toddlers! You sit there, stop arguing and let’s have a special… (CRASH!!!!)    yes.. as the arguing seat stealers are switching.. a very miffed shoulder brushes up against the wall shelf and knocks the shelf to the ground, breaking my favorite plates!    This followed by I’m sorry’s and panic while watching us sweep  up broken glass, combined with me trying to save the moment saying “it’s fine but be more careful next time” sweeping up my favorite plates all while singing “joy to the world” again in my head.  There cleaned up..

“OK now where were we!"  
We eat and hear the story of Zachariah getting his voice silenced until the day his son was born because he didn’t believe and trust in God that it would happen.  It was a great story in my mind of how we should trust God and have faith even when things seem impossible.   Something I’m hoping my children will understand and be able to apply to this century.  “So kids how does this apply to your li “..”uh IT DOESN'T?” came quickly from the corner seat.  “e-hem, ok why don’t we think a little before we answer” (mercy!)  One thoughtful answer from the opposite corner and a wrap up from the head of the household.. and then as if their mom came from Mars all heads spinning when I said.. “OK! Onto crafts”!!
“CRAFTS??” they said..  “Yes I’m making paper chains out of this cute craft paper I got from Michael's that I cut in strips thinking you would think it’s fun to do a craft.  But if you don’t want to, that’s fine (joy to the world) I will do it anyway”.. The youngest says.. “well  I’ll do it”  GREAT I have one taker.  “ok fine, we’ll do it”  Well at the end of the night my family of 5 is doing paper chains, laughing, and racing to get it done the fastest.   The cat ended up with chains around his neck running around frantic, kids laughing, mom happy and extra decorations for the tree to remind us later.  Advent night #1 DONE!  Maybe this is just what only a select few families can ultimately pull off.  This is going to be the longest most stressful weeks of my life!

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