Monday, April 29, 2013

Becky Herbst - Seeing His Gifts Shine Through Her

A friend asked me recently.. "don't you get tired of hearing my talks?"  This was asked by my friend Becky Herbst who is our speaker for our retreat team.  We formed this team quite a few years ago, bringing 3 friends together in ministry for women's retreats.   Women's retreats are designed for a group of women from a specific church that get away from their regular routine to retreat at a special place.   Retreats include a lot of eating, fun, shopping etc and sessions where there is rich teaching about God in our lives and worshiping Him through music.

The three of us have been leading worship music together for over 10 years and through that, have formed an unbreakable friendship.  When Becky started her ministry in Bible teaching,  Lisa and I started more actively leading worship together, so it seemed natural to bridge the 3 individual ministries into one.  

At a recent event Becky asked us that very question about us getting tired of her talks and messages, we laughed and said "of course not".. which was true.   We laughed at how hard it must be for people like Women of Faith speakers to hear the same sermon over and over from their dear friends.  Not only that, they have to sit on stage and look fresh as if it's the first time they have heard it!!   As I was sitting in a morning session AGAIN listening to Becky.. I realized WHY it's not hard to listen to her.  Well, she's really good at speaking, story telling and engaging people, even tired people.  But as I watched my friend speaking up there it came to me that THIS is what God created her to do, and SO well!  He gifted her in such a way and she is using her gifts to minister to women in a special and fun way while directing their hearts to the Lord.   Seeing my friend being used by the Lord and using her gifts was a gift to me!  I could watch and listen to her and not get tired of it because it is beautiful to see Him work through her.

We are excited to see where the Lord takes our ministry.  We have already been so blessed by what He has already done. Retreat Info

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