Monday, December 16, 2013

A Divine Click and A Perfect Match

A Divine Click and a Perfect Match
Those things in life we look forward to.   The simple but treasured things that make life special and make everything seem true and right and lovely.   The major events in life that will change us forever.  The direction or path we thought we were on only to be surprised by a more divine plan that shakes our faith to make it stronger and our trust to grow deeper.    The moment that listening and trusting His still small voice and stepping out in faith causes someone else’s life and mine to be bonded forever.   

As I clicked on the link and read her caring bridge, I knew her  from our church, and over the years..but not well.  I remember her bubbly personality and the smile I always saw on her face.  My husband knows her husband through Real Estate and we know many mutual friends.  I knew her son from when I used to be a school receptionist and he was a student at Westside Christian.   Yes, that is when I first met her, she was always really sweet when she came to the school.  I’m sad at what she has had to endure this last year after reading her kidneys failed.  Her family has been tested to see if anyone is a match for her and still nothing.. It’s amazing how they are handling this.. Pray
 I thought of the people that were willing to step forward to be tested to see if they matched her.  That sounded pretty scary and I wondered if given the opportunity if I would be willing to be tested?  After seeing the blood type posted and realizing this could be a quick elimination for my fleeting thought,  I was humbled quickly after finding a medical chart in my office.   It was a form I have had with me for 14 years that I never could throw away because it had 3 special pregnancies listed on there that I never got to have.  A chart that represented sadness in many ways, but also a good reminder of God’s restoration and a little box checked revealing my blood type.   Type A.

Back to the computer and messaging my friend who had posted the caring bridge site link, she mentioned that our Pastor’s wife had also gotten tested, but sadly was not a match but was entering a paired match program even so.  It was enough to know that if she was able to have faith and do this, then why couldn’t I.   A bedtime talk with my husband of my idea to go forward only prompted support  from him, and thoughts of “what if I was a match and didn’t know it.   Well what if I am a match? It would be morally and seemingly the right thing to do to help her.  I know I would want someone to do that if it were my loved one”, and so on…    Sleep

Someone who is tested to be a kidney donor gets put through several tests.    As far as I knew I was healthy so in my mind barring any surprises on my end, there is no reason being tested if I wasn’t resolved to take the process to the end.   It wasn’t until I realized being a blood type match was great and the willingness and being healthy is a must,  but the biggest test was yet to come.   I didn’t realize that many potential donors were released because of the matching to her antibodies.    This however, didn’t discourage me because of my naivety of the odds and knowing that prompting that afternoon to click on the caring bridge seemed too divine for this not to be a perfect match.  I know when I feel God’s prompting and this time my husband had that same “funny” feeling.  … more blood drawn.  
After weeks of testing, the phone rings, it’s the transplant team “amazingly your antibodies are a perfect match”…  rejoice!  I text several people including her husband of the news and find out it is truly a miracle.  That is when I find out there was only a 3% chance they would ever find a perfect match.   That is when I realized that prompting was divine.   When I realize my life and her life will change forever.
Three weeks from today, January 6th, probably at this time, I will be in one operating room and Jana in the next room.  A Monday that the Lord picked for us long ago and will forever be remembered.  Our family and friends, praying and waiting.  Praying  for a safe transplant and a good outcome.   I will not lose much, she will gain everything back she once knew to be a normal function of living and one we take for granted until it’s gone.  A divine opportunity that we all aren’t picked for but one I feel blessed to be.  One that will offer hope and healing.   One that will grow my faith, courage, and trust for my future and one that will allow God to be glorified through it all.    

I wanted to share this with you so you can pray and also be a part of this amazing miracle story.  As we spend time getting ready for this Christmas it is hard for me to not have my thoughts go to January 6th.  I wait in anticipation and can only imagine how Jana must be counting down the hours and days .  We have been in contact with each other over facebook and I reassured her I was being very careful with my activities!  I’ve never thought about my kidneys as much as I have in the last 6 weeks!!    I also wanted to share her caring bridge site so you can leave a note of encouragement to her as she waits and pray for her to stay strong.   

Me Jana and our Mom's together at Church Dec 29th