Thursday, November 12, 2015

Why I Am Afraid to Blog Again

To write or NOT to write that is the question...    I am pondering this morning.. pondering about why, why write a blog.. why I wrote and started this blog years ago.  It's not that I don't have a lot to say or express.. oh there are many thoughts whirling around this scattered brain.   It's why. 

What is the motivation.
Is it worth it
who reads it 
does it matter if it is just one
what if I look dumb
I will offend someone... it always happens.. there is always one. two. 20?
Am I scared? 
Should that stop me? 

But I'm scared ... that's it I'm scared.. I'm afraid my thoughts will be judged, stomped on, mercifully torn apart in the world we live in of lopsided grace of free thought and speech. 
I've been hurt before, my heart aches and my heart is wounded from being transparent and trusting others with my thoughts and life happenings. 

So I guess I have put up a wall of protection and stopped writing the fun, the good, the ugly and thus why this blog has sat with sporadic posts, and I'm not sure why I'm getting that tug on my heart to start back up.

But there you have it please feel free to comment and share. 


  1. I think every blogger / person who puts themselves out there goes through the same thoughts and more off and on. Let me encourage you that God has given you a voice and your core group or audience, if you will, should be mostly for you and encouraging you and interacting with you. Even with differences...may they always be expressed through a balance of grace & truth. So, I say Go For It and be encouraged that God will continue to speak in and through you and as a result continue to touch the lives of others!

    1. thanks so much for your comments and thoughts. It's amazing how hurts can grip us, and fear of others. I don't want to be like that.. I don't want to be a "people pleaser" I want to be liked maybe sometimes too much.. working on that.. :) but I like please both God and people and sometimes People win and then I'm afraid to say anything at all.

    2. You're most welcome. (Sorry for the few that got post got messed up so I tried to fix it and ended up reposting). I completely understand what you're saying. I and many are the same way. Gotta strike a balance in some sense but the default and starting position will always be to live to please Him and as we know...that doesn't always please others...even other believers! Sigh!

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  3. My fears with blogging are related to whether or not I can sustain the practice....which I haven't done. Wish I could do better...just find myself distracted. And when I do blog, it's always too long.

    Don't worry about offending others or being provocative. Sometimes, those are the best blogs! But I look forward to any blogs you might post - your humor - your insight - your grace...all of it will bless others. Blog away!

    1. These are great points and equally something most bloggers go through in my opinion. Time and content is always a factor. I'd say, and something I'm constantly working through, for long posts, simply break them up into multi part posts. The content is good but I'm finding readers want to read things in smaller bite sized pieces.

    2. Really good point Bob, breaking it up into chunks so it's not such a long read. I know I get easily distracted reading blogs that are too long. Randy I totally agree sometimes the people we trust the most can hurt the most. It causes me to just want to crawl in a hole. I see so much christian bashing, intolerance of christian believes. lumping everyone into one pot of "christians", and bashing of our own christian brothers and sisters and their churches, stupid red cup problems, stupid legalistic stuff I just want to scream my head off... and move to an island with my bible and family.. I humbly say I've made similar mistakes I'm sure