Monday, January 4, 2016

The Burpee Quest

So I found this little list during Christmas break and thought maybe I'd give it a try for the month of January and see what would happen.  I'm completely not in shape, so after the first set of 30 jumping jacks I was heavy breathing and wishing I would have checked into the restroom first.. onward. 
Can't do a push up, so went to the wall to do 12 wall push ups.  
High knees were more 1/4 knees 
Who even knows what a burbee is,  but after the high knees I thought I might know.. but then I googled it.. can't do it.. did 2 mock Burpees  (who made this name up? ) 
Bicycle crunches were easy but most likely unflattering 
30 squats-got that
more communication with the wall (gosh I have acquaintances with this same feeling) 
Jump Squats.. Easy! Ugly.. but Easy (former volleyball player so it's a block.. I feel at home)
Jumping Jacks- refreshing and I'm reminded of 6th grade PE
Those "high" knees again.. done
Wall Sit for 1 minute -OMGSH flashbacks to basketball training
REST 1 Minute.. text my husband to gloat, was honest I might need a medic, and was only going to to do this 2x today so I could also accomplish other life skills. 
Really glad that Burpee thing was only on there once in the list. 

I'll let you know how things shape up and not in a visual way just phonetically, and no silly, that's not me in the picture. 

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