Sunday, July 22, 2018

Finding A Hobby- the Rubiks Cube Challenge

The Rubiks Cube Challenge!!!

Ok, who's in!! I challenge you to once an for all master this puzzle.  I'm doing this for a few reasons.. 1. I was around when this puzzle was invented. 2. I never solved it only got all colors but one square on each side.  3. My husband can solve it really fast, grr, and  4. It's just time.. time to put this cube to rest defeat it!!.. Let's go!


1. You have to be apart of the group that has NEVER solved it.. only you will be your judge and I hope your conscience will have the best of you.  Otherwise, cheaters and wanna be's -I hope the Rubiks cube haunts you and night.

2. You can use Youtube videos to figure it out.  I mean really.. it's there and life is to short, and we have other challenges to accomplish.

Have fun and comment that you are doing it and post a pic of your cube when you're done! :)

TIME: 2 weeks

Rubiks Cube Website :

UPDATE:  Heading into week 2 I have layer 2 done.

DONE!!!!! 7/27/2018

Friday, July 20, 2018

Finding A New Hobby

This is my husband doing his new hobby
It's not that I really have a ton of idle time, but the time I do have I wonder sometimes if I could be spending it differently.  My husband recently started a new hobby and earned his Paragliding license.  I know for sure that opposites attracted when we met 23 years ago.  Thankfully he will spend a lot of time at the beach, which I love.    But this made me question the things I like to do with my time outside of work.

So I am on a quest to find a new hobby!

Com to find out, there are a ton of hobbies to choose from, more than one would imagine.  I found a list here on the blog Not So Boring Life  that came up with 308 different kinds of hobbies.   Maybe a final exhaustive list of hobbies, maybe not, but relaxation and sunbathing are on the list so I'm guessing exhaustive!

The blog should add "finding a hobby" as well as "blogging about finding a hobby" to the list because this in itself is turning into its own hobby.

Stay tuned.