Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Long "B" list of Hobbies

Wow there are a lot of "B" categories of Hobby's  which is funny because there are 2 B's in the word Hobby.  Taken from the blog  I will explain and eliminate the list here in my quest to narrow down the list of things to try. 
Here we go:

Badminton-  This is the strangest sport and I don't like birds anyway.   Actually I played this for a little bit last summer and it was not my thing... NO
Baseball-  I'd eat too many Hot Dogs.. NO
Base Jumping- NO WAY
Basketball- This used to be my hobby in my younger years and I wish I could find a middle aged league but thinking about the sweat and the side ache where basketball is fun to play again... NO
Beach/Sun tanning-- UM this is a hobby??? -Adding it to the list
Beachcombing- maybe if I lived by the beach.
Beadwork   I have a hard time texting with my thumb nubs let alone the ability to intricately bead. .NO
Beatboxing- NO
Becoming A Child Advocate: this should not be a hobby we should always be advocating for children.
Bell Ringing- What the? These people need to check out this list
Belly Dancing- This would be a hilarious comic relief.
Bicycling-  Gosh those outfits are ridiculous... I do like biking but there are some limits for now will keep.
Bicycle Polo- Must be polo on bikes instead of horses. PICTURE
Bird watching  I watched some birds in the backyard the other day and pondered about making bird watching a hobby... the answer was NO. 
Birding-  Similar hobby here to the above- No
Blacksmithing: It would be amazing to say "I AM A BLACKSMITH"  but No. too black and dirty
Blogging- currently doing this.
BoardGames- This could be fun.
Boating- I guess I could involved everyone I know to get on their boat, but since I don't own a boat it will have to be no for now.
Body Building- maybe in some form but this sounds super  intense and probably involves a string bikini.
Bonsai Tree- This feels like beading for plant lovers.. intricate delicate and not for me.
Bookbinding- Huh? ...NO
Boomerangs- Hey Mate... I'm into boomerangs... NO
Bowling- Oh my gosh I actually love bowling.
Brewing Beer
Bridge Building- No
Bringing Food To The Disabled  I feel terrible crossing that out.. but I just know i would let them down and forget to bring them the food.
Building A House For Habitat For Humanity- interesting but seems like a one time event...NO
Building Dollhouses-
Butterfly Watching- They are very pretty but flutter too fast
Button Collecting-  are we in the 1940's?
Backgammon-  I will carry my leather case to your house and play you with a glass of Chardonnay and a cigar.  NO

So for now:  Boardgames, Blogging, and Bycycling and Beach/tanning :)

The Quest to Find a New Hobby the "A" List

Ok, So here is the first set of Hobbies starting with "A" that seem to be options for people.   My thoughts going through this list I found at

Aircraft Spotting - It is true when I go near an airport I am highly intrigued by an airplane landing and taking off and the rush that happens when it goes directly over head is amazing!!!  However I don't see this as a hobby of mine.  
Airbrushing - not sure what I might air brush
Airsofting- shooting with airsoft guns.. no
Acting-  This has always been high on my dream list but I realize I'm past my prime, tall and do not live in LA. and have never taken an acting class.  I have been in a few plays and maybe will look into this further.  For now it's on the long list. 
Aeromodeling- What in the world? looking it up- Aeromodelling is the activity involving design, development and flying of small air vehicles. It is a very exciting and interesting way to learn, apply and understand science and engineering principles.  Okay No.
Amateur Astronomy-  the stars are nice to look at but I really have never been drawn to the skies and beyond. 
Amateur Radio- "Ham Radio"  strangely this interests me... maybe because I spent hours and hours eating M&M's with my Papa listing to police scanners and talking to long haul truckers from his living room.  For now I'll keep it on the list.
Animals/pets/dogs- Cute but not hobby related... No
Archery- tried this at camp year after year and it's a weird event in my mind.  Although after watching hunger games it was a little fascinating. No
Arts- The arts, pretty broad title here.  If your hobby is "the arts" that seems like you might have to really bee involved in LOTS of arts and various elements which sounds like a lot awkward moments and laughter might happen. 
Aquarium (Freshwater & Saltwater) -Fish scare me .. NO
Astrology  no interest at all.
I already said no to amateur Astronomy ..NO

Looks like I have 3 options of A's to add to the list.  Acting, Amateur radio, and Arts of some sort.