Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Long "B" list of Hobbies

Wow there are a lot of "B" categories of Hobby's  which is funny because there are 2 B's in the word Hobby.  Taken from the blog  I will explain and eliminate the list here in my quest to narrow down the list of things to try. 
Here we go:

Badminton-  This is the strangest sport and I don't like birds anyway.   Actually I played this for a little bit last summer and it was not my thing... NO
Baseball-  I'd eat too many Hot Dogs.. NO
Base Jumping- NO WAY
Basketball- This used to be my hobby in my younger years and I wish I could find a middle aged league but thinking about the sweat and the side ache where basketball is fun to play again... NO
Beach/Sun tanning-- UM this is a hobby??? -Adding it to the list
Beachcombing- maybe if I lived by the beach.
Beadwork   I have a hard time texting with my thumb nubs let alone the ability to intricately bead. .NO
Beatboxing- NO
Becoming A Child Advocate: this should not be a hobby we should always be advocating for children.
Bell Ringing- What the? These people need to check out this list
Belly Dancing- This would be a hilarious comic relief.
Bicycling-  Gosh those outfits are ridiculous... I do like biking but there are some limits for now will keep.
Bicycle Polo- Must be polo on bikes instead of horses. PICTURE
Bird watching  I watched some birds in the backyard the other day and pondered about making bird watching a hobby... the answer was NO. 
Birding-  Similar hobby here to the above- No
Blacksmithing: It would be amazing to say "I AM A BLACKSMITH"  but No. too black and dirty
Blogging- currently doing this.
BoardGames- This could be fun.
Boating- I guess I could involved everyone I know to get on their boat, but since I don't own a boat it will have to be no for now.
Body Building- maybe in some form but this sounds super  intense and probably involves a string bikini.
Bonsai Tree- This feels like beading for plant lovers.. intricate delicate and not for me.
Bookbinding- Huh? ...NO
Boomerangs- Hey Mate... I'm into boomerangs... NO
Bowling- Oh my gosh I actually love bowling.
Brewing Beer
Bridge Building- No
Bringing Food To The Disabled  I feel terrible crossing that out.. but I just know i would let them down and forget to bring them the food.
Building A House For Habitat For Humanity- interesting but seems like a one time event...NO
Building Dollhouses-
Butterfly Watching- They are very pretty but flutter too fast
Button Collecting-  are we in the 1940's?
Backgammon-  I will carry my leather case to your house and play you with a glass of Chardonnay and a cigar.  NO

So for now:  Boardgames, Blogging, and Bycycling and Beach/tanning :)

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