Friday, January 18, 2019

I Found A Surprise Hobby, It Was Right Before Me.

Last summer I figured I needed a hobby.  I mean, if you ask my friends they would probably say I have a lot of things I do and am involved in.  While that is true, I guess I needed to find something new and interesting.  I really thought deeply about what and where I like to spend my free time and checked the lists of ideas, some of which were quite comical and I didn't realize were hobbies (see previous post).
On a sunny Oregon afternoon, I sat at the beach watching my husband do his new hobby of Paragliding. I realized right at that moment that just sitting, looking at this vast body of water with the cool ocean breeze was enough.   I don't have to strive to be or do more things, and that God loves me regardless and that I am enough regardless. At that moment no one needed me to be anything or anywhere.   That feeling was amazing to know all I need as a human on this planet is food, shelter, and love and honor God, and to be thankful for life. If I didn't do another extra thing in my life it would be okay!  At that moment, I didn't have to do or BE anything more than a human on the beach, soaking in the sun and breathing in the air.  Now that was a nice memorable spiritual moment, but not exactly reality in the big picture of working to obtain food and shelter, being relational and having friends, enjoying the life God gave me to it's fullest.  After all,  I want to look back when I'm 95, if I make it that far, and know I didn't waste years or opportunities or not use the gifts I was given, just because I wanted to be alone on a beach with no responsibilities.  I must have been stressed and overworked that week.

But do I need to find another busy-body hobby??  What I found is that I naturally came back around to the things I already do and love, the things that make me ME and bring me joy.  Music, writing, spending time with friends, family time, cooking new things, travel, taking a pretty drive, watching movies, date nights to small local restaurants and sometimes the hobby of just sitting on a beach doing nothing and soaking in the air, the beauty of creation and reflecting on life.

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