Monday, January 21, 2019

The Codex Planner

I'm so excited to feature my first "You Matter" video. 
I really think it is important to celebrate others
 and the good things they are involved in.   

Taking the leap of faith to develop your own business can be a very scary step.  Several years ago, Carrie Postma had a little idea that has turned into something pretty amazing.  She created the The Codex Planner, A Study Binder that gives you tools to be organized, while helping you in your faith journey through study breakouts and quotes.   Along with the daily planner, there are other beautiful products and surprises along the way that Carrie creates.  When you order a binder you not only get the product, but you get an online resource to help you along your journey of faith, and and instant cheerleader on the other side when you join Carries online group.  Carrie has thoughtfully and prayerfully created the most beautiful products and her heart for you might be even more beautiful.   Follow Codex on Instagram YouTube and Facebook and start your journey to be the best you.

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