Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Getting Your House Ready For Listing Pictures

It's Time For Pictures What Should Sellers Do?

The best thing as a listing agent by far is walking into the first appointment and realizing the home owner is a designer.  I LOVE this moment because the ease of getting the house ready is a matter of cleaning and putting a few things away.  I'm already imagining how amazing the pictures will look online.   But if you're not a designer I wanted to give you some helpful tips that make your pictures pop online.  Even if you have that gift of design, these tips are a must when getting ready for pictures and selling your property. 

1. Clean off the counters and put away stuff.   Less is way more in this case we can always add things as needed.  The pictures look way cleaner and less distracting and the home will feel more expensive.   Buyers will be confident in how well the home has been taken care of.   This is also a good time to sell any furniture you don't want as it will make the rooms look bigger.   Snap a picture with your phone and see what pops out at you and is distracting then remove it. 

2. Take down all the family photos.  You are selling a property no your "home" anymore.  As cute as your family or furry friends are, people really don't care as much as you do and it just looks cluttered and not show ready.  This process can be hard for some, especially if they don't want to move but have too, but it needs to be done. 

3. Turn on all the lights.  A good photographer wants this and it will make your pictures stand out.  This should be the case for all of your showings as well.   We also extend this rule to the inspection as this is the 2nd time your buyer will be in the house and you want to re-sell them on the excitement and bliss, they had the first-time walking in.   Take it further and welcome the appraiser with this same way and I bet you will get the value you need to close.  

4. Whatever you decide to change, please pick neutral colors when redoing a space for sale.  This is not a time to pick colors you love but rather what is neutral and trending at the time.   Assistance with these choices is always best so never hesitate to ask for help. 

5.  Once everything is cleaned out it is a good idea to bring some fresh white towels to space, some small greenery and candles.  We love the Volcano candle from Anthropology it smells so good and homey. 

I hope these 5 tips helped you.  As a bonus close those toilet lids!  

Courtney Spears is a Licensed Professional Real Estate Agent in Lake Oswego and the Portland Metro Area of Oregon. 

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