Thursday, September 2, 2021

2020 Didn't Break Us!

Right before we all shut down in 2020 I decide to launch a new branch of my Real Estate business and bring on Luanne Jaramillo to my corner of the Real Estate world.   At the time I didn't do it because I was overwhelmed with my currant capacity of work or job, but rather just creating a group of two individuals that wanted to work together for a common goal.   Entering a business in a pandemic was a tough start for Luanne but we still had our eyes set on helping people buy and sell, and it seemed like even though things were different in the world,  Real Estate didn't get hit too badly rather it just required us to adjust certain elements.  In fact with the low interest rates and people realizing that remote working meant from anywhere, it created a new option for people to move around.   

One thing about our new arrangement is that it makes it easier to have our clients covered no matter where life takes us.  Being that we both like to travel this partnership creates that
space to have things covered no matter where we are in the world.   Luanne and I make a great team where we get the job done for our clients, take great care, have lots of energy and willingness to help, and have fun while doing it.   The best part of our job is helping our clients find their new space or selling their home and having them so happy they decided to use our services.   We couldn't ask for a happier moment when we get that great review at the end of a sale.  If you are wanting to buy and or sell in the Portland Metro Area including the Willamette valley to Salem we are your gals!   You can certainly trust us to take care of you and your family so that you get the best treatment and results possible.  

Lake Oswego Oregon 

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