What Makes Me Me

I write this blog to get my thoughts down, hopefully make people laugh and smile.  I hate conflict but I am for justice so I get in trouble sometimes.   I like things to be right but I don't expect perfection from anyone, just to be decent and try to get a long.   I mess up,  I can be quite the relaxer but do not miss deadlines!  I try to live a life of fullness and thankfulness even in the hard times.    
A life that I know will have it's trials and heartache but trying to 
look at the good that will come even through the pain. 
Laughing is truly good medicine and I've always been one to make others laugh.  I think through words it is easier.  Sometimes my humor has gotten me in trouble where I didn't mean to come across a certain way but I did...please forgive me. 
 I hate not being understood, or misunderstood when I have good intentions. 
My closer friends know my humor I like to hang out with them. 

My Labels in no particular order 

I am a Wife, Daughter, Mother, Sister, Sister-in law, Aunt, 
Niece, Best Friend, Close Friend, Dear Friend, Past Friend, 
I am a believer of what Christ did for me on the Cross, a Real Estate Broker, Singer, 
Musician and Blog Writer, 
Business person
I'm creative so can craft but never have time.... 
I love funny movies, romantic movies, English movies, action Movies. 
I hate Shell Fish, Running, Reptiles and Fruit Cake

I help people through the process of buying and selling their Real Estate 
I really think you should move.

So that's me, thanks for stopping by my blog.

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